Tune it or die recording studio sydney



Are you in tune? Well, Tune It Or Die....

One of our studio clients spent about a year at home recording an album. Nice songs and good ideas. One of our engineers, John Stuart, was booked to play steel guitar, but when he came to lay his parts down, he just couldn’t get in tune ……not usually a problem of his. It turned out that the guitar player’s tuner was calibrated differently to everyone else’s.The band had ended up recording an entire album where the guitar parts were just that fraction out of tune.

The band had known the sound wasn't quite right when they'd been recording, but had thought that this was something a professional studio could fix. Sure, we can often fix poor tuning by using our AutoTune utility, but AutoTune works best for single notes or short phrases. Apply AutoTune to entire tracks and the whole sound quality suffers.

The band ended up re-recording the whole album, taking time to get their gear in tune first.

So the recording tip? If you’re making records at home, then get a good tuner, and make all the musicians use it. If there’s some resistance to this, stick to your guns. Even when you're trying things out at home, time is money.


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