Equalisers at Sound Heaven Studios

The idea of using equalisation equipment is that you can make an instrument or vocal sound bigger and better, or clearer and more defined. We also use equalisation to achieve a blend of all the sounds in the mix, so that each element of the mix has its own frequency range.

MILLENNIA NSEQ 2 - Sound Heaven Studios     MILLENNIA NSEQ 2
From John La Grou’s Millenia Music and Media Systems, this EQ has an unmatched high-frequency response. Equipped with Bob Forsell's modification, this equaliser is an example of our concern to provide our customers with unrivalled quality and choice. This equaliser is a vacuum-tube parametric EQ.
These EQs are about 50 years old. Designed in the 1960s, they have been pivotal in the recording industry for many years. Ours are still working hard and sounding great.
Empirical Labs Lil Freq - Sound Heaven Studios     EMPIRICAL LABS LIL FREQ
Designed by Dave Derr, the Lil Freq  El-Q gives eight sections of processing, along with a great de-esser and transformer output. You can really do anything with this piece of gear, including teh ability to link two of these units together in stereo. (We have two.)
AMTEC PEQ 10 - Sound Heaven Studios     AMTEC PEQ 10
With a silky smooth response, this modern design based on the old Pultec equaliser is marvellous on bass, vocals and acoustic instruments. A new addition, we are excited about the future with the Amtec in the studio.
BUZZ AUDIO REQ 2.2 - Sound Heaven Studios     BUZZ AUDIO REQ 2.2
Designed by our neighbour Tim Farrant in Wellington, New Zealand, this wonderful equaliser has 72 different frequency choices split over four bands per channel. We do mastering at our studio and this EQ is a great addition.

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