Compressors at Sound Heaven Studios

Compression is a helpful audio processing tool. When used in moderation, compression can help your mixes achieve deep, crisp lows, as well as smooth-sounding vocal tracks. Compression can be thought of as the sweet icing on a cake.

For example, when recording vocals, you'll find that no vocalist sings every word at the same level. Compression allows the listener to hear the whole performance with consistent levels. Similarly, on drum recordings, particularly on the kick and the snare drums, the use of compression helps to even out the drummer's performance.

At Sound Heaven Studios, we have a range of compressors which we can choose from, depending on the situation and what's required. You'll note that we say that many of our compressors can be used in a range of situations, so you may wonder why we have more than one? Each compressor contributes its own quality to the final sound, and part of the art of creating great recordings is matching the right compressor to each project.

 Tube Tech smb 2 - Sound Heaven Studios    

Tube-Tech SMC 2B
Designed by John G Peterson for Lydcraft in Denmark, this is a three-band compressor allowing dynamic  control over three discrete adjustable frequency ranges. As the name says, 'tubes' are the key here. Excellent for just about anything from vocals to the entire mix.

 Drawmer 1960 Vacuum Tube Compressor - Sound Heaven Studios    

Drawmer 1960 Vacuum Tube Compressor
Combining the warmth and character of eight active tube-stages and the low noise and reliability of solid state, we use this piece of gear continually on bass and vocals.

 UA 2- 1167 - Sound Heaven Studios    

UA 2- 1167
This is a re-issue of the original UA 1176 with two stereo linked channels. Great for guitars, or just about anything else.

 Manley Slam - Sound Heaven Studios    

Manley Slam!
This piece from the Manley Company in California is actually two compressors in one. With an electro-optical levelling amplifier circuit and a super fast FET brick wall limiter, this compressor sounds great.

 Amek Sytem 9098 Dual Compressor Limiter - Sound Heaven Studios    

Designed by Rupert Neve to incorporate features of his 1960's 2252 compressor. This compressor never fails to produce transparent dynamic control. Has been a pretty consistent part of our vocal chain. We also use for parallel drum compression.

 Amtec Phanzen Phantom Powered Compressor Limiter - Sound Heaven Studios    

Now this is a clever idea. The Phanzen has no power of its own but instead is phantom-powered from the mic pre of your choice  placed after the unit. So basically you can change the sound of the Phanzen by as many phantom-powered mic pres as you have. For example, if you have some old Neve Pres you can wind the gain right up, turn the trim pot down and bingo! . . . distorted vocals.

 Empirical Labs Distressor - Sound Heaven Studios     EMPIRICAL LABS DISTRESSOR
Designed by Dave Derr, the Distressor EL is probably the most well-known of the later era pieces of studio equipment. This compressor can be used on almost anything and is hugely versatile.

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