All kind of musicians come to record, mix or master their music at Sound Heaven Studios. Here’s what some of our clients say about us:


 felicity at piano  


Felicity Fox

"There's an openness of spirit at the heart of The Curling Vine...hints of Nina Simone".  Bernard Zuel, Sydney Morning Herald, April 3, 2015."

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Hermitude - Recording Studio Sydney Blue Mountains Sound Heaven Studios  


"People always say our records sound amazing, Sound Heaven is a big piece of that."

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Pugsly Buzzard - Recording Studio Sydney Blue Mountains Sound Heaven Studios


Pugsley  Buzzard

I really enjoyed the process of making  Wooden Kimono with John Stuart at Sound Heaven Studios.

The results speak for themselves.

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Urthboy - Recording Studio Sydney Blue Mountains Sound Heaven Studios  


"We love coming up to the mountains and recording and/or mixing our music. It must be something about the fresh air and the location perched above a valley that makes the perfect environment to be creative in. The gear has been everything we've needed and a whole lot we didn't - and we walked out of there with beautifully mixed albums from myself in solo mode, and with The Herd's Summerland album. I'd recommend it without hesitation"

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Kate Rowe - Recording Studio Sydney Blue Mountains Sound Heaven Studios


Kate Rowe

"I've recorded three albums, an EP, a single and a radio program at Sound Heaven, all of which were produced by John Stuart, and all of which I love. My experienceof Sound Heaven is that as a producer John meets you exactly where you are, and takes you exactly where you need to go. He's listening to you all the time, and he does fantastic work with what he hears. I love the albums, but also I feel like I've really improved as a songwriter and a musician as a direct result of being there."

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The Herd - Recording Studio Sydney Blue Mountains Sound Heaven Studios  

The Herd

"Sound Heaven Studios has all the right gear and the ears to operate it. It is easily the most unique location for a studio I've ever encountered. John has a feel for a range of musical styles and was a pleasure to work with. The range of stand-alone gear gave our music the solidity and warmth that we were looking for. The process of mixing our record was very collaborative, and John was always open to suggestions. If you are looking to record and/or mix in a beautiful setting, with fantastic equipment operated by experienced hands, then look no further than  Sound Heaven Studios." Ozi Batla"

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Jimmi Carr - Recording Studio Sydney Blue Mountains Sound Heaven Studios


Jimmi Carr

"My experience at sound heaven has been excellent. I've had an Album produced there by John stuart. His experience, expertise and good taste helped to make the album highly professional sounding and something I'm proud of. Excellent equipment and picturesque work environment were very helpful too!"

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Rachel Hannan - Recording Studio Sydney Blue Mountains Sound Heaven Studios  

Rachel Hannan

"I have recorded two solo albums at Sound Heaven Studios with John. My first release The Sweetest Sound was immediately placed o the ABC Playlist and we featured live with Phillip Adams shortly after. The sound quality obviously passed the National Broadcast test! John's lush and full horn arrangements, and his adventurous reharmonisations created quite a buzz with critics and muso's alike. The laid-back atmosphere in the studio surely evoked some beautiful playing from the session musicians and got the best out of me.  We are almost finished the second project and it has been an equally satisfying and exciting process, no doubt with similar results."

Freddie White - Recording Studio Sydney Blue Mountains Sound Heaven Studios  

Freddie White

Freddie isn't that well known in Australia ,very well known in Europe. We were knocked out to be involved in his first Australian record, because he's a great performer.

"Trish and I recorded our album 'HERE WITH YOU" in Sound Heaven. Some places are just conducive to music making and Heaven is definitely one of those.  
Some tracks we had started in Ireland  and some we recorded from scratch here and maybe it's the mountain air .. or maybe John's skill as an engineer but it all turned into something we are very proud of."

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Thundamentals -Recording Studio Sydney Blue Mountains Sound Heaven Studios



Originating in the Ozzie hip hop breeding ground of the Blue Mountains, DJ Morgs, Tommy Fiasko, MC Tuka and Jeswon set out to give a predictable hip hop scene an overhaul. Mixed by Angus Stuart

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MC Rapaport - Recording Studio Sydney Blue Mountains Sound Heaven Studios  

MC Rapaport

"John Stuart brings a musical sensibility and technical experience to making dope hip hop"



Helen Rivero - Recording Studio Sydney Blue Mountains Sound Heaven Studios  

Helen Rivero

Helen was one of the first people to use our studio in the blue mountains. She is an amazing performer. She recorded a beautiful album of Spanish, sephardic annd original tunes with us. She was fantastic to work with, delivering great take after great take . Well worth checking out.

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Snaketown Rattlers - Recording Studio Sydney Blue Mountains Sound Heaven Studios  

Snaketown Rattlers

"The people at Sound Heaven really understand , Blues, Jazz and roots music . This is a great place to record"  Snaketown spokesperson


Def Wish Cast - Recording Studio Sydney Blue Mountains Sound Heaven Studios  

Def Wish Cast

Legendary aussie hip- hop kings ,these guys have mixed an album and  a single with us

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Bonniedoon - Recording Studio Sydney Blue Mountains Sound Heaven Studios  


Recording our first EP in Soundheaven studios was an excellent experience and an engaging learning curve for BONNIEDOON. John's insight, advice and flexibility throughout the recording process was extremely valuable and the serene view from the studio's balcony kept us peacefully focused on the exciting task at hand. Thanks for a great first encounter in a professional studio.

Rachael Brady - Recording Studio Sydney Blue Mountains Sound Heaven Studios  

Rachael Brady

We thoroughly enjoyed our recording experience at Sound Heaven Studios. Not only is it nestled in a particularly beautiful environment, but it was a genuine pleasure to work with John Stuart. I found myself trusting his musical sensibilities, and I appreciated his ideas , guidance , and skill.It was a creative and fun few weeks with maximum flexibility and zero stress. It goes without saying that we came away from the process with what we feel is a sonically gorgeous album, due in great part to the mixing and mastering talents available at Sound Heaven Studios.


Other artists who have recorded at  Sound Heaven recording studio include:


Band X
Bubble Wrap
Dr Feelgood
Flee The Capital
Monday's Fugutive
Pasha Shoghi
Ric Willison/David  Webb        Gary Rowley
Shannon Lyle
The Phonies
The Renovators


Circles of Light
Crowd Around
Peta Williams
Spooky Men Chorale
Steven Tabener
Warrimoo Chorale


Adam May
Bronwyn Kirkpatrick
Cameron Kinsey
Jo Truman


Douglas Urquhart
MC Tongue
DefWish Cast




Adrian Jeans
Al Ward
Andrew Johnston
Annie Carment
Bill Nolan
Boyo Guitars
Brad Donges
Brendan Sweeney
Carlos Xavier
Cathy Gibson & Keith Young     Dave Crestani
Damien Hudson
Dave Griffith
Deb Dare
Eddy Volk
Eric Bibb
Francesca Sidoti
George Arnare
Greg Atkinson
Jeremy Craib
Justin Gill
Kim Banffy
Leslie Greiff
Mark Ryan
Peter Haynes
Phil McKnight
Sharon Kirchner
Greg Skeel
Steve Bevis
Willo Drummond
Winton Evers


Alon Islar
Chris Marsh
Colin Day
Luke Dubber
Michael Jackson
Neil Duncan
Neil Sagewood
Sarah Hartshorne
Scott Brinkley



Andrew Ireland
Charlotte Craib
Jenny Knight
Kate Swadling
The Gondoliers

Spoken word

Daniella Gicquele
Gerard Brindley/Amanda Paterson  
Jann Svedloff
Richard Brown
Robyn Mitchell
Aunty Dawn Colless
Sophies Zdenkowsky


Michael Lynch
Peter  Atkins
Tim Levinson
Tony Kabanoff
Warren Abela

Record Companies

Elefant Traks


Andrew Johnston
Karen Lynne
Louisiana Griffin
Steve Stokes
Sharon Benjamin

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