Effect Units at Sound Heaven Studios

Effects units are used to adorn original sound recordings to make them even better.

 roland chorus echo 555     ROLAND SRE 555 CHORUS ECHO
This is the top of the line of the Roland Space Echo series.With increased noise reduction ,the chorus , echo and spring reverb, sound fantasic. With a longer tape path long echoes are possible . The dub monster.
 rolandspaceecho     ROLAND SPACE ECHO 201
This is the most popular of the Roland Space echo line. Great sounds , pretty grungy , but awesome.
 fulltone tube tape echo     FULLTONE TUBE TAPE ECHO
Known in this studio as Mr Sheen, Fulltones rerun of the old Echoplex Guitar echo is a phenomenal sounding machine. We use it on all sorts of things , vocals, keys and….guitars.
 eventide ultra harmoniser     EVENTIDE H3500 ULTRA HARMONISER.
With up to a thousand effects, generated from 24 different algorithms, the Eventide is a studio workhorse.
 lexiconpcm91     LEXICON PCM 91
Lexicon were the pioneers of some of the most beautiful  digital reverb sounds ever. They are all here in this little piece of gear , which is the go to reverb at Sound Heaven.


 tc electronic     T.C  ELECTRONICS M3000
More Danish equipment . With 250 single and 50 combined effects, the M3000 is in continuous use in our studio.
 shermanfilter     THE SHERMAN FILTER BANK.
Built in Belgium, this is an analogue filtering and distortion unit . Used to rescue sounds , modernise and generally excite audio. It’s a great addition to our palette.
 electirxfilterfactory     THE ELECTRIX FILTER  FACTORY
An analogue filter bank, it is basically three band pass filters that can be used to modify or isolate certain frequencys  Excellent.
 roland sde 330     ROLAND SDE 300
A digital delay , every little bit helps    
This  one really get a lot of use around here . It is just a very simple spring reverb , but highly musical. I have always enjoyed that it is a physical reaction to the sound , rather than an exchange of numbers which is how the  devices are. Instant dub and reggae sounds.