At Sound Heaven Recording Studios we take musical instruments and their corresponding sounds very seriously. We have never been content with the digital options available for reproducing the audio footprint of the acoustic piano. So when Pugsley Buzzard expressed interest in recording his next album with John Stuart ( the now completed "Wooden Kimono") we grasped the opportunity.

After searching Sydney and listening to about seventy or so different pianos we decided on an Essex , which we purchased from the good folk at Theme and Variations. These pianos are designed by Steinway & Sons the famed German piano manufacturers, and we are very pleased with the results we have been achieving in our studio.

Here are some of the things said by Steinway about these pianos

"The Steinway-designed Essex piano incorporates the latest design specifications and engineering standards from Steinway & Sons. In keeping with Steinway's commitment to excellence, Steinway & Sons provides technical assistance for the production of Essex pianos. Every Essex instrument is inspected by a team of highly experienced Steinway & Sons trained technicians before it leaves the factory to insure that Essex pianos are made to the specifications established by Steinway."

Many Steinway features are built into the Essex piano which affords it with superb sound and touch:

  • Keyboards are crafted of solid Stika spruce proved by Steinway to be the most resonant material available
  • A larger soundboard that is precisely tapered rather than uniformly thick is allowed by a reduced string tension.  This in turn creates a bigger sound and longer sustain
  • All wood construction of all active parts within the Essex provides you not only with superior sound and action, but gives you a greater freedom of expression and heightened level of control.

Visit the studio to take advantage of this wonderful instrument