Audio Mastering and Music Mastering

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  • Audio Mastering (sometimes also called Music Mastering) is the art of enhancing audio mixes so that they can compete with today’s commercial releases.The mastering process ensures that the sound of every track on your album is of a consistent volume and quality.
  • Audio Mastering also identifies and corrects any problems within the frequency spectrum of your recording, such as too much bass or not enough midrange.
  • Last, when done well, mastering audio boosts the volume and adds a certain brightness and life to the sound.xx

Audio Mastering at Sound Heaven

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At Sound Heaven Studios, we offer a full audio mastering service. Our audio mastering engineer, Michael Lynch, brings many years of mastering experience to our studio. From 1995 until 2008, Michael was the audio mastering engineer at Sony Music, working with many artists, producers and  record  companies, including acts such as Delta Goodrem, Midnight Oil and the John Butler Trio.

Audio Mastering Nationwide

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Although most of our clients choose to attend their audio mastering sessions, we offer audio mastering services Australia-wide. Remote clients upload files onto a host server, the files are mastered at our studio, and then uploaded back onto the server when complete. If you live outside the Sydney basin and would like to trial our mastering services, email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We can arrange to master a single track for your approval.

Successful Audio Mastering

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  • Ideally, save your final mixes as data files (not audio files) onto a CD. These files should be either wav. or aiff. files in 24bit 48,000 Hz format. (Alternatively, you can supply us with your final mixes and we’ll convert them into the proper format for you.)

  • Don’t have your mix pegged to 0db, but instead keep the level between -3 and -10 db so that you don’t run the risk of audio distortion.

Michael Lynch's mastering clients have included:

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Delta Goodrem

ABC Music

Christopher Gordon

Something  For Kate

John Butler Trio

Midnight Oil

Joseph & James Tawadros

Guy Strazz

Slava & Lenny Grigoryan

Nigel Westlake

Sony Music


The Re-mains

John Schumann

Ross Wilson

Jimmy Barnes

Universal Music


Mastered at Sound Heaven Studios

Rachael Hannan
Jimmi Carr
Pugsley Buzzard
The Catholics
Bernie McGann
Kate Rowe
Phil Stormer
Freddie White
Rachael Brady

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