Data Archiving

   At SoundHeaven Studios we use the best equipment available to store your valuable data. However we all know that  archiving in the digital age is not without its pitfalls. Discs become corrupted, operating systems fail. All of us involved with computers have been on the receiving end of these kind of problems at one time or another. Nightmare stories abound.If you are coming to work at SoundHeaven on a major project (album , ep or just a single) we recommend that you bring your own hard drive, and backup regularly. That way if disaster strikes, your files will be safe . We will do everything we can to keep your files in perfect working order, but in the end your files are your responsibility.
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    When a project is finished  many people are happy to take the results of the mix, and the finally mastered files, and to trash the session files. Others , because of potential remixes, or simply for sentimenal value wish to take the session files with them. During the mixing process files are often  cut up leaving only very small sections of data. If you are confronted with of thousands of sound files it will take very long time to  make any sense of them.

 So at the end of a project  it is common to  merge or consolidate each instrumental and vocal file into a file that if you start it a zero, will play the music in the correct place. Essential if you plan to have re mixes done.

 Our rate for this service is $35/hour

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  Time and Space

Hard drive space is at a premium  in a busy recording studio like SoundHeaven. In some larger studios rental is charged for hard drive space.  at SoundHeaven there is no such cost for the customer. However are not in a position to act as a storage unit for each and every project we  do. We will keep your files  in our system for three working weeks after your final session. After that period, if we have not heard from you, we reserve the right to erase your files from our system. If for some reason you need to stop recording mid project, please try to let us know what you intend doing, and what you want to do with your files.  Your  files are your responsibility. 

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   Likewise for tape . We cannot  store tape for ever in our busy space . We would be obliged if you could take your tapes away with you when we have all finished turning them into your product.   tape recording nsw

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