Recording Studio Packages

Weekly Studio Packages

guitar recording studio blue mountains

Our regular rate, based on an eight-hour day, is $440 per day. However, for five consecutive weekday bookings Sound Heaven Studios offer a discount of 18 per cent, making a weekly rate of $1800.

Weekend Studio Packages

drums recording studio blue mountains
Our regular daily rate on a weekend is $560, based on our hourly rate of $70 per hour. However, Sound Heaven Studios offers a weekend package of $950 for two weekend days, or $1400 for three days over a long weekend.

Weekly Studio and Accommodation Packages

diva recording studio blue mountains

There is a great range of accommodation available in the Blue Mountains at a great range of prices. Depending on your budget we can arrange accommodation for you and your group.

The cheapest accommodation available is at a backpackers hostel (there are three hostels close by in Katoomba) or at the local hotel. Prices range from $28 per night (for a dorm room in the hostel) to $65 per night (for a double room at the Grandview Hotel).

If you have a longer booking at Sound Heaven, or you have a band with four members or more, than an affordable alternative is to rent a holiday house. There are hundreds of holiday houses in our area, and we can advise you as to what's available, and where our clients have enjoyed staying. Rates start from $400 per week.

We are happy to help you organise accommodation, and provide advice about what will suit you best.

Weekend Studio and Accommodation Packages

 piano recording studio blue mountains
As for the weekly package, there is a large range of accommodation options. The cheapest places to stay are the backpackers and the local hotel, as weekend stays in local holiday houses tend to be at a premium. Generally, a minimum budget  of $1,000 is required for a weekend studio booking and accommodation in the local area.
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