The Art of Recording:Techniques, Tips and Ideas

Search this page for tips on how to get the most of recording your instrument or band. We add to this page all the time, but if you want to know more about recording an instrument that’s not listed here, please feel free to contact us..

Singer-Songwriters: Recording Your Own Songs

Many of the musicians coming to record with us at Sound Heaven are singer-songwriters. Visit our Songwriting page for lots of ideas about the songwriting process and recording your original songs.


Getting Help with the Production Process

One of the things that's different about our studio is that we're not just engineers, we also offer full production services. Many musicians don't understand what 'production assistance' means -- and in fact, production means different things to different people. Visit our Music Production page to find out more.

Getting Ready to Record

You're ready to record your new songs or music? Whether you're recording at home, or recording at our studio, read the Getting Ready to Record page before you begin. When you're done with that, head for our Tune It or Die page (need we say more).

Home Recording Techniques

Many of the musicians using our recording studio use their own home recording studio in conjunction with our professional equipment. Read our Home Recording page to find lots of idea and tips about getting the most out of your home recording studio.

Compression, Mixing and Equalisation

Compression, mixing and equalisation are all important stages in getting your music and your songs radio-ready. Visit our Compression, Mixing and Equalisation pages to find out more.

Microphone Techniques

Using the right microphone for the right instrument in the right way. Want to know how? Visit our Microphone Techniques page.

Recording Instruments: Tips and Techniques

Every instrument requires different recording techniques. Visit our recording tips pages for acoustic guitar, bassoon, brass, didgeridoo, electric bass, mandolin and vocals.


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